Traitement de la dépendance à la méthadone et aux benzodiazépines

So, how did I find the clinic? It was a friend of mine that I…a friend… more of a buddy that I bumped into on the subway. I explained him that I was quitting the methadone and the benzodiazepine all by myself. I when I told him the number of milligrams, the number of medications that I was taking, he told me it was impossible. I was realizing myself that it was inconceivable, because two years ago I’ve tried, then after few months I had had crises and it wasn’t working…

So, he gave me the address, the address of this place and I’ve looked it on the internet; then I’ve done the necessary to make an appointment. I’ve told this to my parents, to my mum, actually, then I’ve discussed it with my uncle and then we’ve done the necessary to set up the appointment and to come as soon as possible. And then I’ve prepared myself, what was happening is that I was preparing myself, already, few months back by eating correctly.. let’s say… lighter things, by reducing the dosage of methadone, reducing the medicines, and then I came here, let’s say, prepared and above all, I took responsibility for myself, I wasn’t doing it for my family, I was doing it for me, this treatment.

We know what the problem is, we know it now… /giggles/…how the treatment went. I’m very happy, I’ve almost rediscovered my youth, I have the impression that I’m a Little prince /giggles/. No, it’s true, I have the impression that I’m reliving my childhood, but being much wiser now.

…I’m thankful for everything that was…all the staff….I’m grateful, there are no words to explain it, I’m looking forward to continue my life in righteousness, to stay clean…. to be focused in everything that I do.

To recommend the clinic? Yes, of course. Of course if I meet the people that I know… I won’t go there where the addicts are, evidently, but if I meet them on my way, I would recommend them, but only if they are determined; it’s always the same problem… they have to be determined. I just need to look at the person and tell if they want it or not.

Ok, thank you.

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