Moi j’ai pris de l’héroïne pendant trente ans

I come from France, from Marseille and I heard about the clinic in a reportage broadcast on the Planet Plus channel, which was about people who underwent treatment with ibogain and never returned to drugs again.
At first I didn't believe much about it. I've read a lot of articles on the Internet and got informed about everything. Finally, I decided to come for the treatment.
I'll explain. I wasn't using either heroin or methadone for two years already when a week ... a week before I arrived, I gave in, but only for four days. Then I told myself that heroin didn't come out of my head. And that's why I came for the treatment.
After that, I underwent the treatment and I don't experience drug cravings any longer, either for cannabis, or heroin, anything. And above all, my thoughts have become positive again. I wish ... I yearn for so many new things and I don't want to have anything to do with it any more. Now I feel so good. I haven't felt so good for at least thirty years because I'd been taking drugs for thirty years; I' been using heroin for thirty years.
And I think it's a pity that there are no such clinics in France, because honestly, this one is the best ... I went to rehab many times. I went to Marmottan, to Le Patriarche, I went to rehab many times. But here, they are really experts and I've never come across anything better. 
Now I plan to do a bunch of new things and generally have no more craving for drugs. At all. At all. 

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